Tarot of the Boroughs

Tarot 11Tarot of the Boroughs is a full Tarot deck composed of original photography, set in New York City. It  replaces the esoteric with the familiar, highlighting the natural Magick in the urban landscape.





Tarot 10.jpFollowing the common Major and Minor Arcana formats, Tarot of the Boroughs features New Yorkers from all walks of life, including well known writers, visual and performing artists, and many others. You’ll find Moby as the King of Coins, Jonathan Ames as the Magician, Queen Mother Imakhu MuNeferet as the Queen of Cups, Larkin Grimm as the Page of Cups, and many others.



Tarot1There is a small (15 page) booklet that comes with the deck:
(From the booklet)
The Seeker – The start of a new journey
The Hermit – Solitude, wisdom
King of Coins – The boss man

Two of Cups – Personnel connection

Four of Swords – Picking up the pieces



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