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Classwork Includes….

What is a Spell?
Components of a Spell
Spell Ethics
Protection Magick
Prosperity Spells
Love Spells
Witches’ Cabinet


Spells are real and they do work. This course will show the components of what makes a spell real and also what makes it effective. Looking at spellcraft through psychological, energetic, spiritual, and magickal lenses—students will complete the course knowing what a good spell takes to make it work and how to avoid pitfalls of spells that can go wrong. Get ready for some of the most intense personal and spiritual work you’ve ever done! At the end of just one of these classes, you’ll have that spell loaded and ready for action.Spellcraft is about making a commitment to yourself and to your immediate world that you are ready for a change. Be it in love, work, or any other variety of things–Spellcraft awakens us to opportunities through delicious synchronicity. The practice of Spellcraft can restore balance and order to what was previously chaotic and remove the obstacles that hold us back from success and happiness. Most of all, it leaves us with better focus and presence in our lives and relationships.

Previous experience is not necessary in this class; however, even a seasoned witch and practitioner will walk away with new found knowledge!

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Tuition is just $25.00 per month. The course carries a $30.00 enrollment fee. Take as long as you wish to complete the course and maintain access to the Spellcraft community even after you have completed your training for as long as you remain enrolled! Enrollment grants you full access to the Sacred Mists community and host of other Magickal classes! (*specific enrollment fees apply for each class)

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