I offer live readings by phone or Zoom, and 1 or 2 question readings by email. Please read my Cancellation Policy and Reader’s Code before booking your appointment. 

I look forward to seeing what the cards have in store for you!

30 Minute Reading $85.00

Best choice for a few questions or to follow up on a previous reading. Available by phone or Zoom. Favorite of first-time clients! Purchase and book your appointment at this link. 

45 Minute Reading $100.00

*Most popular reading!* Best choice for deeper decision making or if you just need a little more time. Available by phone or Zoom. Purchase and book your appointment at this link.  

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Tarot Readings


We all want it.

Whether you have questions about your career, love, direction of your life or something else entirely…

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Each reading examines your path, identifies aiding or detracting influences and explores the tools you have at your dispsoal to fully embrace and execute your life’s direction.

Your reading can be recorded and emailed to you at the end of your appointment upon request!

Please read my Cancellation Policy and Reader’s Code before booking your appointment.

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Individual readings are available Monday-Fridays, 3:00-9:00 p.m. and Saturdays 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m., USA Pacific time.

Saturday evenings and Sundays can be made available for group readings or parties, only.

Your reading will be recorded and emailed to you!

To make an appointment, please purchase the type of reading you would like, and then email me with your preference for a Skype or phone reading and your preferred date and time. In-person readings take place in McMinnville, OR and require a full-hour purchase.

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….with concerns from a reading with another psychic. After a previous reading, I had additional questions about my love life, and hoped Courtney could perhaps go more in depth and provide me with answers. 
I was very impressed with her and the reading. She was able to pick up on the situation and guided me through the reading, explaining each cards meaning. I loved this. With other psychics, I would just watch them draw cards and just start with their predictions. But Courtney would show me the card and explain, helping me understand what was really going on with my love life. She was actually spot on with what the other psychic had told me, but with much MUCH more detail. She was able to answer all my questions. I’ve been to a couple psychics but she was by far my favorite. She was really nice and made me feel comfortable, something I haven’t felt with other psychics.  Thanks for the awesome reading Courtney! I will definitely be checking in with you in the near future!

Chrystie S.



Drop me a line and we’ll talk about it!


She is in-depth, intuitive and very approachable. If you ever have the opportunity to get a reading or take a class from her, you should do it.  It will be time and money well spent.

Gary S.