SpringEqNYC drugstores mock us all around…or so it seems. Bunnies, shiny green grass, fake flowers on every aisle. Meanwhile, my boots are crumbling from yet more salt as the snows and cold just refuse to leave. I’m still waiting for the annual Bambi  moment that should have happened weeks ago…when I’ll step out of my apartment, the trees will be in bloom, the birds singing and the squirrels dancing. It hasn’t happened yet. I’m starting to wonder if Spring will ever get here.

When things are out of our control, let’s act “As If” until the Easter bunnythings behave accordingly.  While I hear Weather Magicians already nay-saying, even the greatest storm-wranglers (keeping outdoor Rites safe from rain everywhere they go) can’t bring on the Spring, when Spring doesn’t want to be Sprung. I can’t make the weather be warm. But I can act as though Spring is here!

The Spirit of Spring Equinox is the Spirit of Balance. The days and nights are pretty much equally balanced. Many Witches take this time of year to cultivate balance in their own lives. The proverbial Spring Cleaning is very much part of that. What has outlived its shelf-life? What dust bunnies need to be clobbered so fresh air can circulate?

It may not feel like Spring, but I’m going to act as though it is until Spring gets the hint!

swords04My world’s balance: Sleep and rest I’m a work-a-holic and I don’t say that to brag. For so long, I’ve felt so accomplished at getting up at the early hours just to get a few tweets and web-twirks done. Sometimes I write an article, but being tired felt like a badge of honor. I must be doing something right if I’m worn out! But recently, I received the 4 of Swords in my readings and meditations: Rest is more valuable to work than Extra-work is valuable to work. If I love me and I love my work, I’m going to move rest up the Coco-Priority-Chain. So far, the extra zzzzz’s have meant a happier, more efficient me all around! I’m starting to like this whole “rested” feel!

Sometimes to get balance, we have to push for what’s right. actionintospring
Last year I wrote about finding what breaks your heart and addressing it in a way that brings you joy. With climate change all up in our faces (NYC is *still* rebuilding from Sandy) and potentially more carbon/toxin-pumping infrastructure being built, we have to push to get right with our environment. Fossil fuels keep us out of balance. This article puts it in terrifying perspective. Pushing back may help us get into the balance we need to preserve our place on this planet. I can’t fix everything, but I can help fix the tiny island I live on. I’m gathering with a bunch of Witches on Monday to flood the phones of the Governors to tell them NO to a natural gas export station and YES to a windfarm. Plus, we’re going to have a lot of fun. If you’re in NYC, join us! This may sound counter to my whole Get More Rest thing, but believe it or not, I’ve delegated the hell out of this so my work load has been light!

clutterCleaning and cleaning and cleaning There are clothes I don’t wear, there are books I won’t read, there are piles of things meant to go to Goodwill but we just haven’t gotten around to doing it, yet! These things may have memories, but they aren’t the memories themselves. By releasing that which I don’t need, I can make room for more things to come in. Clutter, particularly mementos, are some of the worst clogs in personal or spiritual energy. By shedding our spaces of these things, our Spirits are able to soar. TIME FOR GARBAGE BAGS!!! ***On that note….anyone need a sturdy, bed-bug free couch?***

Spring may not be in the forecast, but I can act as though it is. In fact, I can use that in all aspects of my life. The timing may not “seem” right, but I can act as though it is until the timing catches up. So, now it’s spring’s turn to act. When the weather finally turns, you can all thank me!!!

How are you working with this time of balance? What do you need from it? How will you get it! I’m an inquiring mind who wants to know!