Tarot Tuesday once again! Each week, I pull single cards for a few random questions at a random point during the day. You have to answer fast when you see me post if you want to get your question answered! Follow me on Twitter or Friend me on FaceBook to play! P.s.: Have you read about my Magickal Ireland Tour? Deadline has been extended to May 1!

Q1. Will we have more financial security?
A1. 7 of Swords

7SwordsThe 7 of Swords is unfortunately, not the greatest card to get when it comes to cash. The stability won’t crumble. As you can see by this character, all the pieces are in the right place…but the two lingering behind say there are a couple of money things that need to be addressed. So…yeah….the money is okay for now….but there are likely to be a few expenses coming up! Tie up loose ends wherever you can!

Q2 Had the strangest dream last night. Any Tarot insight?
A2 8 of Wands

8ofWandsOy! Looks like you got caught in Psychic Soup! Or else you were out Astrally traveling the galaxies. Moral of story, of COURSE you had weird dreams! You were getting massive downloads from the collective unconscious. We’re all much more connected to other humans than we’d like to admit. It sounds to me like you picked up a lot of consciousness from other people which, of course, would seem strange! Take notes–some of it may be for you, which will come clearer in the coming days. Otherwise, shrug and move along!

Q3 Will this be a fun laid back camping season or one full of drama?
A3 The Devil

DevilWell, it certainly doesn’t look laid-back…but it doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatic, either. The Devil can certainly bring a big chunk of drama where he/she goes. It can also bring big adventure, of the delightfully scandalous kind. That can go one of several ways, depending on how you’d like it to go–but in the end, I can safely say it won’t be a laid-back atmosphere. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a twisted, messed up kind of dramatic. It could be fun. 🙂