5 of Pentacles5 of Pentacles…perhaps one of the more nebulous cards in the Tarot. It’s kind of depressing, the RWS version. A haggard woman and her injured son/husband/brother toddles along behind her. He always looks like he wants her to stop and pay attention to him. She looks like she wants to get away from him. The building behind them looks like a church and there is snow. Her feet are bare.

Something has happened to this pair. Have they left an abusive home? Have they lost their house to a mortgage? They must soldier on toward something better. I like to think that the building in the background is a refuge (perhaps an open door just out of frame) and they will soon be greeted inside with hot cider and a warm bowl of chili. I don’t like to think that they might have just been turned out of the seemingly wealthy and comfortable place.

Who is encouraging who? Is she leading him and he following? Or is he the one saying, “We have to keep going!”? Are they even friends? Maybe she’s down on her luck and here’s this guy following her asking for assistance. Maybe she’s thinking, “Can’t the world just leave me alone for five minutes?” or maybe she’s thinking, “Damn. It could always be worse. I don’t have shoes, but at least both of my feet are functional.”

Maybe he’s not even following her. I’ve always felt like the guy on crutches had a slightly more positive outlook than she. Maybe he’s doing just fine, broken foot and all, and he’s telling her he doesn’t need her piss-poor attitude ruining his day anymore.

Or maybe they were both at a WILD PARTY that happened at 5 of Pentacles lane and are doing a hobble-of-shame back to their respective abodes on a snowy morning.

So, what could this card mean?

Getting 5 of Pentacles in a reading could mean:

* The journey feels hard now, but you’re almost to a safe place.

* Listen to words of encouragement from others.

* Count your blessings, even when they feel small in number.

* Don’t be hard on yourself if you have to send a negative person packing. You’ve got enough to deal with on your own.

* You’ve partied too hard. It’s time to go home.

What do you see?

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