I’m finally finished with The Morrigan. My editors are lovingly ripping it apart. Soon, they’ll return it to me to rip apart again (only I’m cruel at my manuscript-ripping).

But a few months after that, the book will be ready for YOUR sweet and eager reading!

Also (obviously), my website is back up and running. Yay for second chances!

Meanwhile, we’re in a hell of a Dark Moon! Falling right around Samhain during a Venus Retrograde, everything feels harder.  Venus Retrograde doesn’t only affect relationships, it takes away the beauty and sheen from everything. The glamor has faded, so all the cracks are showing in every part of our lives. Ouch and ew, but it’s beneficial, too.

When we can’t ignore what needs fixing, we can fix it–but that’s not an easy thing.

These past few weeks have been tough for many. The celebrations of Halloween and Samhain are a mask for the dark and challenging time.

We can use this time to see what needs fixing, and then galvanize ourselves for strength to address it when the tougher time has passed. 

A Ritual to See What Needs Fixing

What you’ll need:

  • Salt
  • Water (fill up the bathtub, if you have one. If not, a bowl of warm water is fine).
  • Fresh mint or mint tea
  • A single white candle

Steep the salt and fresh mint in the warm bath or bowl water. Turn off the lights and light the candle. Wash your face and eyelids with the salt and mint water and offer the following prayer:

Dark Mother, Show me the Way

Dark Goddess, reveal the weaknesses

Mother Moon, as You restore Yourself, Restore me, too.

Give yourself some time to sit in silence. You might see a vision right away, but just as likely you won’t see anything. If there are things in your life that need repair, they will make themselves known in the last few days of this Venus Retrograde. When the Retrograde has passed, you can start making plans for things to fix.

After the Winter Solstice, when the light begins to grow again, you can implement them.

Happy November!