It’s been a busy few weeks…

I’m digging deep into my Hekate book, which turns out means facing ugly inner truths. I’m sorry to say I’ll be dragging you readers back into another dark cave of self-discovery…even more so than I did in The Morrigan. But if the Gods are reflections of human experience, I guess I can’t really escape from it. So I’m thanking all of you in advance for your patience and kindness. Meanwhile, know I’m working hard (and crying harder…) as I cook up another book about one of our favorite goddesses! But here are a few updates from me!

The Morrigan is hitting shelves, everywhere!

As if I needed more This review just came out that made me cry ugly tears.

Then, my friend Katie posted this on Facebook, which made me cry even more:

I’ll have copies available on this website in November. In the meantime, please ask for it at your local metaphysical bookstore. It’s also available on Amazon, but please try your local stores, first!

I’m getting ready for book release parties and classes in Phoenix, Utah, NYC, and Portland, OR next month!

I’ll also be in Walnut Creek, CA in December. Check out my events page!

If you missed the earlier announcement, I’m still looking for artists for my new Hekate book.

More information at this link. If you or someone you know has some Hekate pieces, please share the link!

Speaking of creators…I am SUPER excited about this.

I’m co-leading a retreat for creators in the gorgeous San Juan Islands. Are you working on a novel or painting? Or maybe you’d like to start something, but could use some inspiration? This retreat is open to creators of all genders over the age of 18 (nursing infants welcome). We’ll be using exercises, rituals, and meditations inspired by Brigid and the Morrigan to stir creative energies, break through blocks, and get deeper into our work. More details, here!

The Nightmare Before Christmas and Cultural Appropriation

See my new post at Patheos which has both delighted and enraged people everywhere!