On March 6th, we’ll be enjoying a New Moon in Pisces.

Pisces rules the unconscious, which means it’s a great time to enhance dreams. New Moons in general, and springtime New Moons in particular, are the perfect time to cast spells for Magickal empowerment.

Want to deepen your prophetic dreams? If so, try this spell! You’ll want to do it on the evening of March 5th, anytime on the 6th, or in the early morning of the 7th.

– Mineral oil (aka Baby Oil)
– Lavender (either essential oil or dried herbs)
– 4 Dark blue or indigo candles
– Personal curio (snip of hair or bit of saliva)

Mix the oil with the lavender in a small bowl. Set the bowl in your sacred space. Add your personal curio while saying (either aloud or internally):
I draw the powers of Pisces unto me,
To clarify the message,
While I dream,
While I sleep.

Anoint the blue candles with the oil and arrange around the oil. Burn the candles. It’s good to sit and focus on the intention for a bit, but then you can get up, do your laundry or watch a show while they burn. You don’t want to leave burning candles unattended, so it’s fine to set up this spell in a common area of your home while you’re doing other things.

When the candles have burned all the way down, anoint your temples with the oil before going to bed. Keep the oil in a jar and label it so you’ll know what it is, and use it routinely on New Moon nights to open your psyche to prophetic dreams.

Fort Myers, Florida! I’ll be with you on March 9th to teach a class on spellcasting. See The Curious Cauldron’s FB page for more information! Let’s make some Magick!