The Wheel from Tarot of the Boroughs. Some decks call it “The Wheel of Fortune.” Clearly, we did, too.

At the start of my Major Arcana class last night, I distributed Trump cards to each student, who then introduced themselves, shared their impressions from the card and how it related to their lives at present. I drew one for myself, as well. I chuckled when I got The Wheel. It could not have been more fabulously appropriate.

Wheels turn (said Captain Obvious). In a Tarot reading, The Wheel can indicate forward movement and change. Sometimes this change needs to be self-imposed. Other times, it’s unavoidable. In the history of the Tarot, water mills on the Tarocchi river in Italy made some of the first paper in the region several hundred years ago, including Tarocchi cards (which we now call Tarot). The Tarot’s own story finds the Wheel being a symbol of industry.

My own journey had quite the Wheel turn last week.
On Friday, my day job was eliminated and for the first time in almost a decade, I am no longer working the Nine-To-Five. While the prospect of being without that beloved regular paycheck is not something I’m terribly excited about, the potential for turning my passions (Witchcraft and Tarot) into a sustainable business delights me. I’ve been told that working for yourself is working for the bitchiest ass in the world and so far, wow! That is true! My new boss (me) has a start time of 6:00 a.m. Lunchbreak is 15 minutes, while still hovering over a computer, and Quitting Time is when I’m so tired I can’t sit up anymore (usually Boyfriend is the one to point out Quitting Time because my new boss can’t seem to see it herself, even when I’m face down on the keyboard).

Don’t applaud! Throw money!
Don’t really throw….I would like to earn it! To help get this wacked-out party started, I’m going to offer a couple of crazy offers for the rest of February.

Between now and February 28, I am offering a special for new clients: $20 for a 30 Minute reading by phone, Skype, or at my studio in uptown, NYC. New clients only! Please go to this link to purchase!

Returning clients get a special, too!
All returning clients who refer three people to me, (they will need to drop your name when booking their appointment) will receive a complimentary 30 minute session of their own! Don’t worry. I’ll keep track of who’s using your name in- beautiful-vain! Here is the link you can share.

(Please note that you must purchase your reading, or have your three friends purchase, by the end of February and applies only to my phone, Skype, or studio readings. If you see me at a function or a store, the venue’s regular rate applies.)

Thanks for your help, all. 🙂 2014 is already turning into one big Wheel of a Year for me!