The SunMy card for today was the Sun. Looking out my window at the freezing rain and snow, that may seem like a joke. But I’ll take it and here’s why:

Typical meanings for the Sun Card include….

Joy. I have lots of reasons to be joyful at the moment! One, my cousin went on as Aladdin in Aladdin on Broadway last night. Fiance and I got to watch him zoom around with a pretty girl on a magick carpet. That was pretty joyful.

Health. I’m also feeling great joy as today I’ll be wearing clothes that aren’t sweat pants for ten straight hours. I’ve been sick at home all week. The Sun card means I’m finally well enough to get out of the house.

Travel. I can’t believe Pantheacon is THIS WEEK! In just a few days, I’ll be raising hell with Witches in California…where it’s sunny. Maybe the Sun card means California?

Those are the big Sun items for me this week. The Sun card can also mean….

Arrivals. Are you waiting for your Etsy order to finally *poof* appear on your doorstep? Maybe your check will finally arrive from the delinquent client? The Sun card says it’s finally here. You’re good!

Babies. The clear image of the baby on the pony’s back may mean a little bundle of pooping-puking-adorableness could soon be in your or your family’s future. When doing readings on a baby’s gender, the Sun card can often mean a boy. Sun/son….get it? It’s not a joke. It’s actually true.

Stress Reduction. Is there anything happier than that weird little kid in that picture? Probably not. Couldn’t we all be a little more carefree like that? The Sun card says it’s possible.

What about you? What do you see in the Sun card?