Look at this!

This month, I was profiled on Amelia Quint’s Cosmic Chat!


Amelia Quint–Astrologer from my birthtown of Columbia, SC!

As you can probably guess, my Scorpio Moon is getting a total rise out of all the attention from a single blog post. Or maybe that’s my Venus in Leo…..can’t decide.

Amelia and I first became acquainted through Twitter, but actually got to meet and enjoy a super-greasy breakfast at the Cracker Barrel when I was down in SC for Memorial Day Weekend! (Believe it or not…I was born there!) We may share similar occult pursuits, but we also both work similar day jobs, so we’re colleagues in more than one way.

Amelia’s blog isn’t just about geeky-but-well-meaning-Witches-from-Yankee-country. She discusses lots of issues in working with the Occult Arts, some of which are very close to my own heart. Amelia offers clear, concise astrological information as well as offers Tarot and Astrology readings. The Midheaven is a good website to add to your list of people to look up and know! 

You can also find/stalk Amelia on Twitter. Like I did/do.

Thank you for the opportunity, Amelia!

These candles are for the people of Troutdale, OR–those who were lost and those who felt the loss and terror of yesterday’s school shooting. My partner and I drove through Troutdale just this past Christmas on our way to the Gorge and mentioned how lovely it is. In heart, in mind, and soul–thoughts from NYC are with you.