I have exciting news! But you have to look at all of these things before I share it. They’re all equally as exciting, so it’s worth your wait.

moonCould you ever imagine the moon being angry? 
Last night I posed the question, “Is the Goddess Pro-Choice?” Lots of ‘likes,’ but few responses. However, one was so very sensitive and beautiful, I couldn’t noshare it. Here it is: As I read and pondered this, I felt that perhaps this term is too modern a concept with which to attach to the Goddess. She is ancient and primal, the beginning, the end, the in between and the after. My feeling is that she expects us to honor our spirits and respect our bodies, the earthly host of our souls. The Goddess loves and nurtures us, no matter our choices, as long as we follow what is right and true, which is what lies in our hearts. I would say that, no, the Goddess passes no judgment upon a woman for either embracing a new life or preventing one from coming. Only we, and she, knows what is right for us, individually and universally, and does not condemn choices made with honor and care. Could you ever imagine the moon being angry? No. She would, however be quite miffed at those she watches over here on earth that pass judgement on the choices of others.

Never underestimate the power of a pack of pissed-off Witches
The terrorist group Boko Haram has already suffered from the The Great Forces of Karma. Now, things are getting serious.

Association of Nigerian Witches and Wizards declare war on Boko Haram.

"Enough is enough."

“Enough is enough.”

Go get ’em, friends.

Badass Cousins of Spirit Animals
My girl Dragonfly appeared a few times to bring me comfort and guidance this week. Don’t ever underestimate Dragonfly. She may look delicate, but she got it right the first time. She’ll get it right again, all over your face. And, she’s one of the most ruthless killers in the animal kingdom.

AND, let me introduce you to her Badass Chinese cousin, Dobsonfly who is actually AS BIG AS YOUR FACE.



Dragonfly, I lovez ya. But you can leave your cousin at home, ‘kay?

Tarot LoversCan the Tarot tell me when I’ll meet my Soulmate?
According to this article, you’ll all stop coming to me with that question! (*I think the author makes some very good points. But more importantly, what do you think?)




I’ll be presenting at Tarotcon in Poughkeepsie, NY in November, 2015! I’m delighted. First of all, it’s fantastic that Tarotcon is finally making its way to New York State. I’m flattered and thrilled to be included in the brilliant line-up. This just went up, today!

It was sure nice of them to include me with the REAL talent!

It was sure nice of them to include me with the REAL talent!


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