I just got back from lunch. V of RedLight Readings read aloud something a friend sent her on Facebook. I hope I’m quoting it correctly:

“FEAR can stand for Forget Everything And Run….or it can stand for Face Everything And Rise.”

I don’t know if it was intentional, but the two mainstage speakers, Heatherleigh Navarre and Sasha Graham, the Tarot Diva. we’ve enjoyed so far at the Readers Studio have focused on using the Tarot to underline and address fears we each have. Here is one of the spreads I did for myself, at Heatherleigh’s workshop, using my own Tarot of the Boroughs:


The reading above was one I did in Heatherleigh’s class, in which we deliberately selected cards that represented our fears. The next three cards, drawn at random, asked us where the fear comes from, if the fear is reality or fantasy, and what best action could be.  What surprised me was how my three random-draw cards all came out in reverse. It’s truly as though my own fears were taking control over much more of my life than I realized!

Sasha’s class had us look at the beautiful and tough sides of cards we both love and dislike. I’ve always loved the 3 of Cups. I mean, look at it!


I love it because it’s warm and delicious and it’s at brunch. Brunch is the best, isn’t it? Except waiting in line for a table…that I can do without. But getting up early for brunch before the city wakes or making brunch for friends in your home? Those are both pretty great. But what does this say about me? Sasha asked us to look at the card and ask ourselves when the card best represents us as well as when we wield the negative side of the card on other or ourselves.

I embody this card because: I love sharing and caring for my husband, my family, my friends, my Coven. 

I wield the negative side of this card on myself and others when: I become resentful when others seek my help and then ignore  my advice or squander the time I give. I wield this on myself when I do this same thing to others who try to help me.

Deep stuff coming up today…maybe it’s that crazy Scorpio Full Moon still ragging on us!

Off to the next session. I hope you all are having blessed weekends!