pinkmoonI started writing this post earlier in the week. It was helpful and packed with friendly tips on harnessing the Magickal energies of the April Pink Moon as  explained in the Farmer’s Almanac. But I didn’t publish it. It didn’t feel finished.

Now that we’re brushing up against the pretty Pink Moon, I have a better idea of what I was waiting for. While many Astrologers argue over the existence of “cusp” dates, in which an event seems to straddle one than one zodiac sign, I would argue that Full Moons that occur on cusp dates such as April 22 will indeed be influenced by two Zodiac signs: Libra and Scorpio.  This means that this moon will be influenced by both Venus (ruling Libra) and Pluto (ruling Scorpio…I think? Did Scorpio ever get its planet back?)

This article describes the combination of Pluto and Venus as such:
“Pluto wants to “merge” with Venus, wants to transform her from the core, wants to burn down all of her charms and rejoice in the flames. And then he wants to rebuild Venus from the ashes, just to be able to start over again.”

plutoLove through Loss

If Pluto rules death and Venus rules love, then my experience this week makes a lot of sense.

For me, there was an unlocking of mystery around death, and a connection of deep love around loss. My first book was dedicated to two writer friends, Puck and Donn who passed away before I could tell either of them that the book was being published. They were both extremely supportive of me and my work. Puck died only a couple of days after I found out about the publishing contract. Because he was the first person to write about my work in the NYC Pagan community, one of my first thoughts on getting the contract was that I hoped Puck would write a review of Brigid, and that he would like it. Donn died several years before, but we’d spent many an evening at an old restaurant near where I used to live in Connecticut, pouring over my writing and trying to make it better. This week, I got in touch with Puck’s parents and an old friend of Donn’s. Hearing the warm stories from Puck’s family was uplifting. Hearing the stories about the days surrounding Donn’s death were difficult, but in both cases it was comforting to speak about Beloved Dead with others who knew them and loved them, too.

Grief can be isolating, but this Moon unlocked friendships created through loss, providing comfort I didn’t even know I needed.

This month’s moon may offer an opportunity for healing, particularly if that healing is over a loss. For me, it brought breath into the memories of my friends, making them feel less of losses and more of part of my memory mythology which in a way, keeps them alive, forever.

May this Pink Moon bring you blessings and if you need it, healing as well. 


Isn't She lovely? By Arthur Fish - Colour plate from Henrietta Rae (Mrs Ernest Normand) by Arthur Fish (1905) on darkened.

Isn’t She lovely? By Arthur Fish – Colour plate from Henrietta Rae (Mrs Ernest Normand) by Arthur Fish (1905) on darkened.