Below please find a note from a concerned mother to Pat Robertson sent on July 14, 2014 and read live on the air via the 700 Club:

“My son heard sounds that send painful shock-waves thru [sic] his body as I was praying for him and I called on the name of JESUS. My son said it felt like something hit him very hard in the stomach. I know this is not of God. He is a Christian. Can Christians be attacked by demons?”

You can read Mr. Robertson’s response here, followed by mine.

But this is what I actually meant:

Think what you want, Mr. Robertson. Believe what you want. It’s none of my business. “Mark of the Beast” is coming? Tarot Cards kill? Jesus invented aliens and dinosaurs? Fine. I don’t care. But you encouraged a mother to, at the very least, frighten her child. Worse, you encouraged her to ignore a potential illness. The child needs a doctor and probably a psychiatrist, too. Your “ministry” is encouraging the endangerment of a child. Therefore, fuck you very much, Mr. Robertson. Fuck you.