My website reverted back to its November, 2017 version. I lost months of blogs and my classes/events page is now woefully out of date! I had hoped to recover the information, but it hasn’t happened, yet.

I’d just posted a book review of King Billy and the Royal Road, a lovely children’s story based on the journey through the Major Arcana. That’s all gone, too, unfortunately. I will have to re-write the review at a later date. In the meantime, I do recommend the book for children of all ages (especially 36 year old children like me!).

But the good news is that I’m close to finishing a proposal for another book. Nope! Not telling what it is. ūüôā¬† I’ll let you all know come June when I’ll know whether the publisher is taking it or not!

And in the realm of more good news, I received my copy of Game of Thrones Tarot this week! I’m doing my first reading with it which I’m sharing with you, below!


This is a past-present-future spread, looking from left to right.

My past: Queen of Spears. In this depiction, Daenerys sits calmly looking at the calamity before her in the fighting pits. She’s unnerved but has to stay strong. Yeah, this was my week. Over the weekend I caught wind of a hurtful rumor meant to discredit me. I was ready to pick up the phone and start screaming at a few people, but time and experience has taught me that this never works. I called some Elders and got their advice, just as Daeny listened to her counselors. Sometimes there is a need for “Fire and Blood,” as Daeny sometimes used. And sometimes there is need for restraint. I think the Queen of Spears in the¬†Game of Thrones Tarot¬†represents those moments of restraint even when one would rather just ride a dragon and¬†dracarys¬†everything all to hell.

Present situation:¬†King of Coins.¬†Littlefinger, the Master of Coin, is a great choice for the King of Coins. It’s also an appropriate card for me to get right now. I’m working hard this week! Not only with my dayjob, but also with Tarot and that book proposal. Whenever one submits a proposal (FYI for those of you thinking of writing one), it’s not enough to write a good book. You have to be able to convince the editors that it will sell. I spent the whole week thinking of my beloved heart-on-paper as suddenly a product to sell. It’s a strange mindset the solitary writer suddenly has to embrace. But according to this card, I did it! Good for me!

Future Situation: Ace of Cups and King of Spears¬†Is this meant to be the chalice from Joffrey’s wedding feast? I sure as shit hope not….

But the card that fell out with it was the King of Spears. In this one, Ned Stark is contemplating his next move. Ned’s biggest problem was trusting the wrong people. I’m taking this to mean that I may need to be very careful over the next week with what I share, either among acquaintances or online. Even if I may be very excited about a project, it might be best to hold back a little longer before discussing it!

Anyway, I’m loving the¬†Game of Thrones Tarot!¬†Because the story itself is so packed with mendacious characters, I suspect its readings will always carry a note of warning. While I can see this deck being used for any reading, it might be best suited to readings to investigate a situation that just doesn’t feel right. Do you get a sense that something is amiss but you’re not sure where it’s coming from? Check your GoT Tarot!

Congratulations to Liz Dean on her beautiful deck! Please see my interview with her, here!