This is another excerpt from my new book Sacred Tears: A Witch’s Guide To Grief, which will be released on June 8…but you can pre-order it, here.

Compassion is a surprising companion on the grieving journey.

We may not realize that companion is there until it quietly raises its head, making us more attuned to the suffering of others.

Grief can make us more compassionate to the pain of others, possibly even more protective of others who are grieving.

But first and foremost, we need it for ourselves.

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Hey, Witch! Go easy on yourself.

You may pride yourself on being The One Who Fixes Everything. But when grieving, you are likely to find that you won’t have the mental or physical energy to do ALL THE THINGS.

It’s okay. You’re allowed to let things drop.

You may do things that cause you to call yourself a “bad friend.” It’s okay. There will be time to make it up to people when you’ve adjusted to your post-loss world.

Grief takes up an enormous amount of space in our hearts and minds, making us run like old laptops with too many photos on the harddrive.

We’re going to be slower. We’re going to miss the mark.

It’s okay.

Treat yourself with compassion.

Repeat after me: “I’m grieving, and it’s okay.”

Grief is hard. We deserve to be treated gently—by others, as well as ourselves.

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