Hey!!!! Look!!!!!

It’s Winona Ryder playing me in the new Netflix horror series: 3rd Round Of Edits On Courtney’s New Book.


If writing is where you dig deep into the tombs of your creative potential, dig it all up, and throw it at the world….

Editing is like whack-a-mole with studded hammers you alternately use to hit yourself in the face.

I’m so tired, guys.

I’m so very, very tired of editing.

But I promise, promise, promise it’s going to be sooooooo worth it!

Have you pre-ordered your copy, yet? 

Tarot for One

Remember, ordering from Amazon ensures you’ll have good sex for the rest of your life.

But ordering from your local, independent bookstore ensures you’ll have MIND-BLOWINGLY EXQUISITE SEX FOR NOT ONLY THE REST OF THIS LIFETIME, BUT ALL THE LIFETIMES AFTER THAT. 

P.S., the gif above is not actually from a show about me. It’s from Stranger Things and if you haven’t binge-watched the series, yet, you’ve just now been assigned your plans for Sunday.