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Question 1: What’s going on with my housing?


Answer 1: Ace of Swords.
Changes and lots of changes. Something is going to change, or something (or someone) is going to go. Expect this change to come quickly and while Ace of Swords never feels great, it is wholly necessary. Take your patience pills, meditate the hell out of this. Another shoe is about to drop-crash on your head. If you are the person who may have to go, it’ll be vital that you start looking for other options as the current situation won’t leave you much of a choice one way or another. If you need to draw that line for other people, know that they can’t be given a lot of leeway, if you’re to make anything good for yourself out of it. Good luck and Goddess-speed…..

Question 2: What’s in store for 2014?


Answer: 2 of Cups Reversed
2 of Cups is generally about making connections and new relationships, but when it’s in Reversed, it can indicate focusing less on new people and focusing more on the people already in your life. It can also mean separation from draining individuals–NOTICE! THIS IS A GOOD KIND OF SEPARATION! 2 of Cups is gentle, even when it’s upside down. Now…because 2 of Cups also means health, a reversed position is probably a nudge to up your vitamins, increase your healthy foods and stay on top of rest and de-stressing. Again, 2 of Cups Reversed is not ominous or nasty like the 10 of Swords, but it’s not quite as glowy as its upright counterpart. Taken as an omen for the year, it could mean 2014 is the year you get “Right” with the “Right People” and learn to take care of your best self.  Blessed Be on all fronts!

Question 3: How does the future look for my photography?

Answer 3: 3 of Wands Reversed
Unfortunately, 3 of Wands Reversed is rarely the card you want to see when looking for a long-term outcome. It suggests shortsightedness and dead-ends. Let’s not let this reading be a proclamation of doom for your photography career, but rather a red-flag about how things might be going. Is it possible to take a look and see what your current photography is doing? Do you supply something that is in demand, or promises to be in demand over the next few years? On the other hand, do you have other persons, obligations, or a dead-end bread-and-butter job that are halting the expansion of your enterprise? 3 of Wands Reversed urges us to open our blinders and look at other ways to meet our goals, if the current path seems stalled. If this doesn’t apply in the immediate, perhaps hold onto the reading and take a look at it if things slow or stall in the near future. Hope it goes well!