Since Yule, I’ve been taking the most delicious Dark Time. I wrote more about it at my blog on Witches and Pagans.

The Dark Time is meant to restore. I used to loathe the blahs of January, but since my Coven and I started activating its purpose of rest and restoration, it’s become one of my favorite times of year. In years past, I’ve allocated Dark Time to do other things–promote classes, pursue more endeavors, etc. This year, I refused to let myself. I had in mind lots of house projects I would do, but found myself taking more naps, instead. Still, a few things were accomplished:

Final edits to my first book…..done!
Have you ever read 70,000 words, twice, back-to-back, in a ten day period? I never thought I could be so tired of what I had to say. But in the end, I’m very, very excited by the book. It’s the book I wish I’d had when I first started my Craft journey…but I think that’s how most books get written. Writers write what they wish they could find to read? And if I haven’t pestered you enough already, it is available pre-sale. It will be released on May 1!

I kicked coffee!!!!
Yup! I did it. I miss that first sip in the morning so very, very badly….but I don’t miss the energy spikes/crashes, general buzz of stress, and I WON’T miss the searing pain during Moontime courtesy of Lady Java. Best of all, it’s a nice chunk off of my carbon footprint.  

I may not commute to work by car, but I do live in a city which by definition means my footprint is bigger than other people. Fiance and I are moving into a Vegan Monday-Friday lifestyle, but because I’m not good with the processing of iron, I’ll still need to keep meat in my diet regularly, even if only on the weekends.

I went to Florida!!!!
Poor me. My job sent me to St. Petersburg, Florida for a week to support a conference full of nurturing, loving people who were studying to be life-coaches. I danced in the ocean with an Episcopal Priest who also happened to be a member of a Santeria House. We sang to Yemaya and I cleansed my cluttered head in warm, winter water of the Gulf of Mexico. I totally understand the Snow Bird Phenomena, now.

I can tell I’m ready to get back into the swing of things as I’m itchy to meet up with the Coven, I’m super-excited about the clients on the schedule after February 1, and I’m VERY eager to get to California for Pantheacon.

Have a blessed Monday, everyone! And if you’re in the Northeast, best wishes for a safe and happy Snowpacalypse!!!