But I write like one in Maxim.



No, no I don’t.

I received an EMERGENCY READING request from the editors at Maxim Magazine, who wanted cards thrown for Justin Bieber and what’s happening with him NEXT. As I shuffled, I wondered if I were taking advantage of a person in distress for my own fame and glory…he IS a person, after all. Even if I find him a rather annoying famous person.

But then, I thought about what he’d gotten himself into and some of the other rumored antics I’d heard about. If these are true, then a little naughty-naughty finger shaking from an anonymous psychic is the least-horrid thing that could come out of this.

For what it’s worth young Justin, should you ever stumble across this post, take this downward-spiral as the opportunity to do something productive with your youth, fame, and pile of cash.

For the rest of you un-Beliebers, check out my Maxim article and let me know what you think! Do you think he has a chance to turn this sinking ship around?