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Question 1: Is the guy I’ve been talking to still interested?

Answer 1: 10 of Cups

10 of CupsI’d say that looks pretty good! The 10 of Cups is about love and happiness. It’s probably the best card you can get for such a question. My suspicion, if you’re posing this question, is that he might be a bit MIA at this point. Further cards could reveal why he’s suddenly quiet or distant, but the answer here is a definitive yes. The interest is still there and has quite a lot of heart to it! Looking forward to hearing more about this. 🙂

Question 2: How will the situation with my best friend work out in the following months?

Answer 2: 2 of Pentacles, Reversed

two-of-pentacles-reversed1Unfortunately, this *isn’t* the best card for an outcome. 2 of Pentacles Reversed suggests a lack of options. Whatever challenge is befalling the situation really isn’t up to negotiation or loop-holes. The good news with this card is that the Universe will provide a solution, but it may not be all that pleasant and it certainly won’t be the first choice. Rest assured that this is not an omen of destruction, but more an omen of narrow options and making the best of a situation that isn’t quite win-win.

Question 3: What will happen on my birthday?

Answer 3: Ace of Pentacles, Reversed

Ace Pentacles RevOrdinarily, this card may mean loss of money….but in regards to a birthday celebration, it may mean going all out and splurging on some fun! If you can get a little extra cash together before your special day, you may want to do it as it looks like you’ll be spending lots of money on lots of fun. Enjoy!