A 1936 May Day festival at Georgia State Woman’s College. Photo in public domain – See more at:

Once Beltaine rolls around, it’s time to let the bonfires burn all summer long!!! That’s right, Witchy friends! It’s time to hit the festival circuit and see all of those friends we only tend to meet in the woods.

This year’s festival season is especially exciting for me. I can’t wait to share all that I’ve been working on for the past couple of years.

Grape-feedings! Back in the day. #sfw

Me and Grape-feedings! Back in the day. #sfw

But things have changed! Gone are the days of me as a Festival Brat! I’m not longer tent-swapping or sleeping through morning class because I drank all the mead in the campground the night before. Festivals for me are now work! They’re fun work, but they are now a chance to teach and promote, and not just party.

So, if you see me running through the festival grounds…
….and I run right past you, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk to you! No, it doesn’t mean I’m “too Big-Name-Pagan” to hang at your tent. It means I’m probably late to teach a class! Catch me at the bonfire later or let’s have a meal together!

Done for the day

Done for the Day! Photo by George Courtney.

If I look like a sack of potatoes at the fire, don’t be offended if decline your request to dance.  Yes, I’ve gotten rather boring. But if I don’t want to dance, it’s not personal! It’s probably because I taught three classes and led a 200 person ritual that day. I want to sit and stare at the flames!

Despite the rumors, I’m not a demon. I don’t need summoning! Much of my festival time between classes involves chatting with people who have questions about Tarot or the Craft. If I’m in the middle of trying to help someone and I hear, “Hey, Courtney!!! Come over here!” I play deaf or turn around and say, “NO!” Again, it’s not personal. I’m probably talking with someone about something serious to them and don’t want to interrupt. I’m there to work and to be of service. We can always hang at the feast!

'It makes no difference what I say. You've already decided I'm guilty.' 'Gasp! The witch can read minds!'

I can’t always stay for the whole thing. But if I wanted a guilt trip, I would have stayed Catholic. Some years, I can’t get the time off the day job to attend an entire festival. This year, I’m leaving my beloved Harvest Gathering a day early because I’m officiating a wedding in the city. As much as I’d love to roll around a festival for a full week, it’s not always going to happen! Again, if I wanted a guilt trip….;)

Just because I’m there doesn’t mean I’m in charge! Last year, I received a bunch of vendor applications for NYC Pagan Pride Day even though I’ve never been a PPD organizer. At these events and other such events, I usually get a bunch of questions like, “Where do we set up?” “What time do we have to be out of here?” “How can we get these Christian protestors out of the park?” I promise you–if my name is not listed as an organizer, I won’t have the answer! Between now and the end of the year, the only public things I’m coordinating are my Coven’s public rituals. I would love to help you, but let’s save both of us some time. Please talk to the people who are actually in charge!

ToriSo…thank you for listening and despite what may seem like a cranky tone, I’m dying to get outside and run around with y’all! I simply want to spare hurt feelings or misunderstandings. My role has changed and it’s the kind of change I wanted in the first place. Let’s celebrate the present and the future.

Bring on Summer! I hope to see you at one of these places where I’ll be running like mad!