New Podcast! 
Last night I appeared on Taylor Elwood’s “Magickal Experiments” Podcast, where we talked about working with Deity, writing, and how to fuel the writing fires when they’ve cooled a bit. Listen here! 

Looking at the cards, together:

My Twitter Tarot pull from yesterday involved these three cards:

5 of PentaclesaceswordsThe Sun


When we look at spreads, it’s important to not only notice the images within the cards, but also the direction in which the cards are going. A Tarot student I had recently pointed out that when anything goes left-to-right on a page or screen, it automatically tells us that things are going well in the Western mind. We’re used to reading from left-to-right and so to our brains, it would seem that things are “as they should be.” (I would be interested in hearing from someone whose native language reads from right-to-left or some other format, and get their thoughts on this order.)

In the 5 of Pentacles, the characters aren’t doing so well. It’s cold. One person is in tattered clothing far too thin for that kind of weather. The other person is on crutches! It’s a bad scene. Yet, they’re moving to the right. This card, for me, has always represented the near-end of trauma. Maybe there is something to this “move to the right” thing.

The next card was the Ace of Swords. There is a firm hand on the weapon, and that hand seems to come out of nowhere. Maybe the strength comes from nowhere? It too, is also pointing to the right.

Both cards point to the Sun, which shows a naked, jubilant baby. It’s a card of unbridled joy.

While the first two cards may suggest a kind of toughness, the final card seems to make it all worthwhile.

When doing your readings, note the directions. Where is the crap heading? Does it end up in a good place? If so, then the crap may be worth it. 

No, not my most eloquent depiction, but sometimes the most powerful readings come with a certain lack of eloquence. Just like in this fantastic cartoon I found! (I do not have the artist’s name so if it belongs to you or someone you know, please let me know so I may credit it, accordingly!)

Please help me find this wonderful artist so I may credit them and find more of their awesome stuff!

Please help me find this wonderful artist so I may credit them and find more of their awesome stuff!