VDay Oh, look! It’s the day of chocolate and wine and roses, again!!!! Before I met my partner, I preferred Valentine’s Day as a single lady as when I would be dating on the holiday, the day usually resulted in a spectacular flop of chick-flick proportions. I preferred the company of a bottle of Yellow Tail Merlot and a chunk of Hershey’s dark goodness on Valentine’s Day to a part-time boyfriend who would only make matters worse. Finally, I met someone who loathed traditional Valentine’s Day rituals as much as I did and in our mutual loathing, we discovered we enjoyed loathing them with one another and started *not* loathing them so much. He doesn’t buy me flowers, because he’s not allowed to. Overpriced foliage draped with chemicals, harvested by underpaid workers….not a good gift in my opinion. But I do accept gifts of wine and chocolate like in my Bachelorette days.

As the holiday both loved and loathed approaches, so do my lovecardrequests for love readings!
Naturally, love is on the brain this time of year, but sometimes when I’m flipping the cards, some that can typically be scary don’t always mean scary things! No matter my consolation, the querrent is already in a dire sweat and terrified that they’ll be unhappy in love forever just by the look of a few cards. This blog is a preamble for you so that if you receive a scary-looking card at your next love reading, it might not be as bad as you think!

When do scary cards mean good things?

the-devilThe Devil. Usually Public Enemy Number 1 to the Millionth Degree
While the Devil may mean deceit and treachery, when in the right place in your reading, it may mean love has some shocking surprises for you, in a good way! The Devil can take us to scary places within ourselves that can turn out to be not so bad. The Devil challenges our fears. On a more sensual note, the Devil allows us to indulge certain fantasies in a safe, consensual manner. He may not be the best companion on a job interview, but he’ll prove a captivating date at your Valentine’s Day dinner….



Tarot_Death_Finished_by_darkgoth Death, perhaps naturally, scares the hell out of querrents..but Death can be a great card for love.
Death means endings and sometimes, loss. But it can also mean enormous transitions. It’s not unusual for someone to receive Death before a marriage proposal. It’s the Death of a single person’s existence, and the rebirth of partnership. It can also mean dramatic changes within a relationship for the better. When focusing more on the Rebirth aspect than the loss, it holds great potential for readings of the heart.



10_of_swords_by_davepalumbo-d32fb8q10 of Swords normally makes a querrent say, “That doesn’t look good!” Well, no, it’s not the most comforting vision of splendor…but if you knew nothing about acupuncture and walked into someone’s session, you’d probably have the same reaction! 10 of Swords, in its best light, often means the worst is over. Something negative has been defeated. Along with the acupuncture symbolism, it can mean healing is to come! Maybe a problem within the heart has been resolved. Maybe an issue has been put to rest. It’s a peaceful card, from that light. Not a bad card for love, in the end!




hermitThe Hermit usually represents a querrent believing they will be alone forever. No. No, it doesn’t. But for a single person, The Hermit represents a level of comfort with one’s Self and individual path. If the querrent is in a relationship, it doesn’t portend a break-up necessarily, but it can mean an increased focus on one’s Self as an individual unit as opposed to one’s identity being lock up and lost within couple-dom. The Hermit is about true wisdom and confidence in one’s direction. Be that in love or other matters of life, certainly a positive card at your Valentine’s Day reading!




Tarot Lovers Everywhere!
What cards do you see as potentially good in love, even when they might appear to portend not-so-great things?


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