Magickal Herbs are Nature’s Gift to Witches.

Ideally, Witches would grow their own herbs so that they can start working with those essences for spells from the moment they sprout from their seeds. But if you don’t have time or space to grow herbs (or if you’re like me and have a history of having a brown gardening thumb), you may be pleasantly surprised to know that you may have many Magickal herbs already in your kitchen stash.

Below are a number of common herbs that are great to have around not only for soups, but also for your Magick.

Some of these can be bought fresh at the grocery store, but using dried are just fine. At the bottom of the blog you’ll find tips for infusing their dried selves back to Magickal life.

Basil A money plant, also used for love. Sprinkle into your food with the intention that you are bringing both money and love into your life.

Black Pepper Banish negativity, gain power over an enemy, healing. Sprinkle at the corners of your front door to keep negativity from entering the house.

Cayenne pepper/Chili Powder Keep enemies at bay, protect the home, shake up energetic dolldrums. Sprinkle a little (along with some salt) into the bucket when you next mop your floors to refresh the energy in your home and life.

Celery (esp. Celery Seed) Useful in romance spells, aids in psychic abilities.  Fill a sache or tea bag with celery seeds and keep under your pillow to help induce prophetic dreams.

Cinnamon Brings good fortune and money, also useful in romance spells. Sprinkle on a lit incense burner to ward away ghosts or other tricky spirits.

Cloves (or Allspice) Good luck, money, peace of mind, stopping gossip. Soak a whole clove in a bit of mineral oil (baby oil) and wear like a perfume to attract money and flattering attention.

Cumin Protection, warding off evil spirits, keeping lovers faithful. Keep a pinch in an envelope alongside a picture of you and your beloved to keep jealous eyes away.

Dill Removes jinxes, protect from disease, helps justice prevail. Add to your bath to help attract potential suitors and/or helpers in matters of justice.

Garlic Wards away evil, connects with ancestors, brings good luck. Carry a clove while traveling for protection and safety.

Ginger Protection, love and money spells, general success in Magick. Add a few pieces or sprinkle some powder around your Magickal working to boost its overall power.

Marjoram Enhance love in existing partnerships, soothes grief or rattled nerves, protection of house and home. Fill a sachet and hold in your hands when doing meditations on personal healing.

Rosemary Wards away evil, invites health and romance. Boil with salt and hot peppers (and if you’re really fancy, add a few blackberry brambles) and sprinkle the water of this brew around the outside of your house or front door of your apartment to protect your home from evil influences.

Salt The all-purpose Magickal ingredient! Particularly known for protection work, but adding salt to many Magick spells will increase their strength and also block nasty energies likely to interfere with them.

If using a fresh herb:

Before adding it to your spell, whisper to it what you want it to do and thank its spirit before and after the spell.

If using a dried herb:

Massage the herb in your left palm, whispering to it, “Wake up! Wake up!” Do this until the herb’s fragrance increases. Remind the herb of what it is and what it is generally used for (e.g., “You are rosemary. You are used for protection and to bring love.”) Then, tell the herb what you need for it to do. Remember to thank its spirit before and after the spell.

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