One of my most popular posts is one I wrote on Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago: When the Scary Cards Mean Good Things.  I decided to revisit the topic again with a couple of fresh cards and new questions. Here’s to hoping it’s helpful!

What happens if you get the Hanged Man in a love reading? What if you get the 10 of Swords when reading about your job? Do either of these spell the end of everything?

The answer: Nope.

Honestly, I don’t like getting these cards. Pulling one as a daily read used to fill me with a sense of dread. But after several years of pulling these paper-brats and watching them manifest, they’re not always so bad. Here are a few things I’ve learned about these “scary” cards.

Hanged ManThe Hanged Man: There’s a stall. As I tweeted this morning, Sometimes, it’s out of your control and all you can do is sit there and wait for the world to fix itself. It represents being without a certain amount of power in the situation. As frustrating as that might be, if there’s nothing you can do, there’s nothing you have to do. You have the freedom to sit back and let the world manifest as it needs to.

In love: The Hanged Man means the proverbial ball is in the other person’s court. Are you thinking of texting them? Don’t. It’s their turn. Are you not sure where the relationship is going? Stop wondering for a bit. It’s not time to make a decision. The good news about the Hanged Man is that the hanged character is rarely in limbo for very long. Something will reveal itself that will let you know whether you or the other person is staying or going. You’ve done all you can. Now wait for the other person to act or the fates to explain themselves, fully.

In work: While it’s possible you’re being held back, there’s a comfort in that, too. I once heard a man say, “If you’re irreplaceable, you’re un-promotable.” It’s not a great situation, but it also means you’ve got blessed job security! It may be a sign that you might want to look for another opportunity if you’ve reached the ceiling where you are. But know that until you find that opportunity, you’ve got a solid place.

In health: Like the job situation, there’s a bit of a plateau going on. But that’s better than a decline. Sometimes the Hanged Man means that something that potentially could get worse has actually slowed down. Take comfort in that.

swords101o of Swords It took me awhile to find anything good in this one. But one day, I was reading for a client about what their future career might be. I pulled the 10 of Swords in their reading and while some might think that foretold a future as an assassin, I tried to think of something a little more feasible for this particular individual (since they didn’t come across as an assassin in their general aura). When else have I seen someone laying face down with sharp objects stuck up and down them? ME! That one time I went to get acupuncture with my husband when we found that great Groupon for it! Since then, the 10 of Swords has suggested potential healing through surprising (aka unconventional) means. What else might it mean?

In love: A rough time has passed or if it hasn’t come up yet, will blow over, soon. Harsh words may have been said or might be said, soon. But they may move away blockages keeping the two of you apart. It looks like there’s room for healing, soon, if you let it be so.

In work: The work may have just about killed you, but now you can take a bit of a break. Things have gotten about as tough as they’re going to in this chapter. You can breathe easy for a bit.

In health or other parts of life: As I mentioned above, the 10 of Swords may call for holistic or unconventional healing practices. The 10 of Swords can signal a turning point to something improving after a painful time. If this is regards to hurt feelings, it’s time to let the hurt go.

Thank you for reading! I hope you all are enjoying this unseasonably warm holiday season!