IMG_2421June is one of my craziest months–between the Mermaid Parade and Pride weekend, this Witch doesn’t sleep from Memorial Day until July.

On top of all of that, yesterday was my Coven’s Litha (Summer Solstice) rite. Many of our rites are highly ecstatic and heavy on drums and chant. Summer Solstice is a gentler time. The Magickal seeds have been planted, the Magickal harvest is yet to come. The harsh days of summer are still blissfully weeks away, but the never-friggin’-ending-winter has finally gone away. We take time to do a bit of healing on participants and do some Magickal community-building. And, of course, we are still working for Wind here in NYC. Please take a look at the PEC-NY blog to read more about it!

Happy start to summer! Enjoy these few days of beautifully long twilight evenings!