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Q1.) My love has been sick due to mold in our house and we had to move suddenly. Things looking up now?

A1.) King of Swords

kingofswordsKing of Swords is a good card to have on your side in general. So, things may be looking up, but the battle is not over. Do you need to take a landlord to court over the mold? Something isn’t finished in regards to this situation. It could mean more health battles, but it’s likely more battles with other people. There could be just cause to rectify the situation.

Q2.) What does his attention all mean?

A2.) 8 of Pentacles

8 of CoinsWhile I’m not sure who “he” is, this question normally comes up when issues of the heart are calling! 8 of Pentacles is about work–honing, shaping, building. If this person is showering you with attention, they see a great deal of potential in you. If this is an employer, you are being groomed for advancement. If this is romantic, this person may see a long-term mate in you. The only downside to that is being sure this person isn’t out to make you into something that you’re not. Perhaps an honest conversation about where the attention stems from is in order. Good luck!

Q3.) What’s got me so cloudy?

A3.) 2 of Wands

2wandsThe 2 of Wands has evolved from this design of the early 20th century. In the early 21st century, envision that the globe is a phone or other device and the guy in the cape is someone spending too much time looking at social media and soaking up what other people are doing. It can also mean he’s gotten a little too focused on his own small world and isn’t noticing the greater beauty that surrounds him. This card, when in the context of this question, is encouraging you to back away from the introspection. Particularly give yourself a break from social media. No one’s life is ever as glamorous as they make it out to be online. Likewise, maybe there’s been too much time focusing on the small things in your world. It’s spring and it’s finally thawing–open up to the bigger world and let it excite you.

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