Tomorrow is gifting us with a solar eclipse, which is landing directly on the new moon. Note: solar eclipses only happen during new moons–but going into the science of why will take more time than I have today for this post!  

Eclipses bring change, and more.

When we want to know what a natural phenomenon can bring to us, Magickally, we must look at what it does, physically.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth. Depending on where you are in the world and what time of day this happens, it may block out the sun for a time. Last summer, during the 2017 Solar Eclipse  , I was lucky in that our town experienced totality. For a brief bit, day became night. The air cooled, the birds stopped singing, the crickets cautiously launched into their own chorus.

By utilizing the eclipse Magickally, you can bring about changes in:

  • Perspective
  • Personal role
  • Personal trajectory
  • Surroundings

Because solar eclipses create a period of darkness, eclipse Magick can:

  • Hide things
  • Preserve secrets

The New Moon brings change, if you allow it. 

The literal “new” part of the moon means that you also have the chance to make changes to yourself. It’s a good time for letting go of:

  • Pain or anger that no longer serves a purpose for the self
  • Old habits or routines that hinder rather than foster growth
  • Possessions you are no longer using or that no longer bring you joy

The New Moon brings change through letting things go. The Eclipse offers change by bringing things in.

If you’re doing New Moon and Eclipse Magick tomorrow, here are a couple of suggestions of things that may be useful:

  • Leave a crystal (quartz is perfect) in saltwater on Saturday night. Use it in spell work when you’re wanting to change a situation i.e. a job, a relationship, a living situation. *OR* use the crystal when you want to hide a spell or intention. When I was working on my most recent book proposal, I kept a crystal charged from the 2017 solar eclipse on a copy of the first page so that word about it wouldn’t leak before I was ready.
  • If you’re feeling out of emotional sorts, consider doing a cleansing with either charged water, bath salts, or another combination. Ask the New Moon to remove the noise from the emotions, and the eclipse to show you the true cause of your anguish as well as next steps to address the situation. (Plug plug: Ambrozine Legare is my go-to for this sort of work. Even if you can’t get materials from her by tomorrow, you can begin your prayer intention on the New Moon and when the materials arrive, they’ll pick up where you left off.)

What will I be doing tomorrow?

A white supremacist rally is coming to D.C. on this new moon and solar eclipse. No, this is not about party politics.  This is a group embracing Nazi-esque nationalism and would like to make the United States a white, Christian nation, only. Have you ever wondered what you would have done as a citizen in Germany when Hitler came to power? What about during the Civil Rights era of the 1960s here in the US? If you can’t take to the streets (I can’t–I’m 3,000 miles away), consider joining me in this prayer:

Dark Moon, Mother Destroyer
Sweep away the hatred, the suffering, the oppression,
May the hateful stumble in the dark,
May the righteous hold their line,
Hidden Sun, Quiet Fire
Extinguish the drive of those who thrive on terror, power, and tears
Fuel those standing for justice, inclusion, and equality,
So mote it be, so mote it be, so mote it be

Good luck and Goddess speed to all standing for justice in the USA capitol tomorrow! And may we all have a productive, restorative New Moon and Solar Eclipse!