Each week, I pull single cards for a few random questions! Today I pulled four because I’m feeling generous. You have to answer fast when you see me post to get the chance! Follow me on Twitter to play! I’m almost to 800 followers–when I get to 800, I’ll pull 8 to celebrate. Something to think about.

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Also, here is a Link To Some Great News and Some Terrible Advice By Yours Truly.

Question 1: New Job Opportunity on the Horizon?

Answer 1: Two of Wands, Reversed.

02 reversed

Unfortunately, this is the penultimate Look Not To Horizons card. It’s not a time to move forward. Two of Wands Reversed encourages dropping the binoculars (or strange little globe) and taking care of things closer to home. Are there ways the current situation can be improved?  Take a look around, not far away.

Question 2: How can I be even more organized with Mercury in Retrograde?

Answer 2: 7 of Pentacles


Actually, it looks as though you’re already in a good place. 7 of Pentacles is a pretty organized card to begin with. The little Pentacle rolling off to the side may mean you might want to follow up on a couple of things or double-check anything you’re concerned about. As a whole, that looks pretty good! Yay for Merc Prep!

Question 3: Will I ever meet a companion?

Question 3: Death (Don’t freak out!)


Although it may look ominous, Death isn’t a bad card. It means a radical end to something. If you’ve struggled with finding a person, Death says your unhappy singledom days are limited. But in order to make room for this person, expect radical transformation–possibly in the shape of upheaval. Are you willing to sacrifice habits and delve into The Scary Place Of Change to allow Death to work its Magick?

Question 4: Anything Unexpected on the Horizon?

Answer 4: 6 of Swords


Possibly travel or a move? Unfortunately, the 6 of Swords isn’t the happiest of moves or travels. Might not be a bad idea to stash some cash and be in touch with pet-sitters.

Thanks, all! Tune in next week!!!