i_love_california_heart_stickerTo begin, I’d like to express my condolences, support and love to the people of San Bernardino, CA and really all people in California or who were impacted by this latest shooting from afar. It seems trite to follow up by saying, “How much more of this do we have to live through?” but I don’t know what else to say. I know I’m not alone when I say that I remember a time when these mass shootings were something shocking that interrupted our days and hearts. They’re routine now and they blend into one another. I feel sad and tired when I think about it, but I also know that’s lending itself to defeatism. What’s feeding these seeds of violence? This is rather rhetorical–everyone seems to have an answer and no answer.

One thing I do when I feel sad and tired is to lift up others–particularly women, and particularly women writers. Loving, supporting, and lending solidarity to others doing similar work as myself is immediately and innately satisfying. It’s certainly a nice coincidence that I’m genuinely excited about these two new titles!

Here’s the blessing about releasing a book on Brigid in the same year as two other extraordinary women release books on Brigid: one can never have too many books on Brigid. It’s less like a phone (you only need one) and more like a Tori Amos c.d. (you really do need ALL OF THEM). I’m currently on a fiction-only diet at the moment. I’m taking a stab at writing a novel which means I need to read as much fiction as possible, but when I’m off the fiction wagon, I’m going to gobble up these two!

tendingTending Brigid’s Flame by Lunaea Weatherstone

I had the pleasure of meeting Lunaea at the Northwest Tarot Symposium.  We have an astonishing amount in common–the least of which is being from Portland, OR and writing books on the Fiery Lady.  Her book is already getting stellar reviews! Here’s the description:

Filled with rituals, exercises, and meditations, Tending Brigid’s Flame presents the beloved Celtic goddess through three aspects of her sacred flame: Hearth: The Welcoming Flame opens the door to receive Brigid into your home, to protect and make sacred all the activities of everyday life. Food magic, hospitality, and house-blessing are some of the ways Brigid keeps your home fires burning. Temple: The Devotional Flame explores Brigid’s allies, seasons, symbols, and sacred places. You’ll meet Brigid’s sister goddesses, both Celtic and worldwide, and learn about the timeless custom of flamekeeping and other ways you can offer your devotion to Brigid within the temple of your heart. Forge: The Transforming Flame shares ways in which Brigid transforms and inspires through craft and creativity, healing of body and spirit, the power of words, and tempering your skills into personal excellence. Brigid has brought Celtic spirituality close to the hearts of people worldwide. Tending Brigid’s Flame celebrates your own personal connection with Brigid and her place in your world.

Brigid Pagan Portals

Brigid: Meeting the Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Forge, and Healing Well by Morgan Daimler

Morgan’s book will be released in March of 2016. As I just learned, we were both at CWPN’s Harvest Gathering this past summer but didn’t get the chance to meet. From what I’ve read of Morgan’s blog, we also seem to think alike on a number of things. Here is the description of Morgan’s book:

Pagan Portals – Brigid is a basic introduction to the Goddess Brigid focusing on her history and myth as well as her modern devotion and worship. Primarily looking at the Irish Goddess but including a discussion of her Pan-Celtic appearances, particularly in Scotland. Her different appearances in mythology are discussed along with the conflation of the pagan Goddess with Catholic saint. Modern methods for neopagans to connect to and honor this popular Goddess include offerings and meditation, and personal anecdotes from the author’s experiences are included as well. Who was Brigid to the pre-Christian pagans? Who is she today to neopagans? How do we re-weave the threads of the old pagan Goddess and the new? Learn about Brigid’s myths among the pagan Irish, the stories of Bride in Scotland, and the way that people today are finding and honoring this powerful and important deity to find the answer.

Okay, Brigid lovers!!! You have your Yule and Ostara reading lists complete! Please remember to ask for these books at your local metaphysical bookstores before ordering from Amazon. 

And let’s all work to be extra kind to one another right now. The world is feeling pretty brutal, but we don’t have to be.

May the light of the returning sun warm the icy places within all of us.

May the light of the returning sun warm the icy places within all of us.