I’m so excited!

Lauren Domino, featured below, was one of my beloved Tarot clients until she moved back to New Orleans to do some great things. She is kicking some serious ass right now and I just have to squeeeee about it!

Here is the premise of the film she is working to make:

“Paper Chase” (is) about an African American girl from New Orleans, named Alicia. A STEM nerd, who builds robots in her free time, Alicia has just graduated from high school with a scholarship to the fictional Kensington University in Atlanta. She panics when she learns that her full ride does not cover her dorm and dining hall fees. The movie tracks her and her mother in their desperate attempts to raise the cash they need. (After many twists and turns they eventually scrap it together by throwing a huge party.)

Here’s the full article in the NY Times.

They could use some help making this happen, so please send along a few bucks if you can!

Go, Lauren, go! I can’t wait to see the film….