You haven’t heard much from me because I’ve been trotting around hanging out with my best friends in the Tarot and Witchy worlds! The end of April sparks off Festival Season, when it seems as though every weekend is filled with festivities of the Magickal nature.

Hilary Parry returns home to Readers Studio.

Hilary Parry returns home to Readers Studio.

The last weekend in April was Readers Studio which is the largest gathering of Tarot readers in the United States, right here in New York, which means if I miss it, I’m tarred and feathered in shame for years to come.

The Readers Studio is a gathering where the largest and most prolific in the Tarot world meet with those up and coming or brand new. A lunch table might include Mary Greer or Barbara Moore sitting next to someone who just picked up their first Tarot deck a week prior. In this gathering, I received so much love and support for my first Tarot project, Tarot of the Boroughs, and continue to receive kindness and generosity for Brigid, even though it’s not Tarot related!


My friend Rhonda with her copy of TofB!

My friend Rhonda with her copy of TofB!

Significator! And a fairy.

Significator! And a fairy. (from Tarot of the Boroughs)

Look who had her own place at the table!!!

Look who had her own place at the book table!!! Next to the chocolate, of course.

Reader’s Studio always settles me in. I learn more each year: about the cards, about the future of Tarot, about being a better reader, about being better to myself. Plus, I can hang out with these people!

Jeannette Roth of the Tarot Garden and "Dan."

Jeannette Roth of the Tarot Garden and “Dan.”


Tarot Garden carrying "Tarot of the Boroughs."

Tarot Garden carrying “Tarot of the Boroughs.”

Virginia Jester, co-creator of the beautiful "City Mystic--New York" Tarot deck.

Virginia Jester, co-creator of the beautiful “City Mystic–New York” Tarot deck.

Toward the end of RS, it's important to take breaks! That's what my Saturday significator said!

Toward the end of RS, it’s important to take breaks! That’s what my Saturday significator said! (Image from Tarot of the Boroughs)

Thank you, Ruth Ann and Wald, for yet another splendid Readers Studio!

Warming up the Maypole crown....

Warming up the Maypole crown….photo courtesy of Angel Cherney-Haring!

I’m still dancing inside from Beltaine at Brid’s Closet over the weekend! I had the privilege of being their main speaker at this fantastic event. It’s become the pinnacle of the year for my Coven. As you can see, it’s quite fun:

Sacred Silliness and Witchtacular Dorkdom. IO!!!!!!!

Sacred Silliness and Witchtacular Dorkdom. IO!!!!!!! Selfie courtesy of Duchess Wendi.

I was able to share my book with this supportive community that has been loving on me for ages. I was delighted to have a great crowd at the book talk and to share my stories, but most of all, to hear stories about Brigid with people from a plethora of ages, races, demographics and more!

Ready to go upstate!

Ready to go upstate!

Friends Ben and Katie snag a copy!

Friends Ben and Katie snag a copy!

Me with my Godkids!

Me with my Godkids!

Comin' fer ya.....

Comin’ fer ya…..







A very special thanks again to Bernadette and the rest of the volunteers at Brid’s Closet! It was such a beautiful, momentous time! 

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 3.29.14 PM


Last week on Jason Mankey gave a bad-ass review of “Brigid” on Raise the Horns. A snippet!:

Weber does a masterful job with the rather complicated history of Brigid, summing up her various incarnations as a Catholic Saint, (Contemporary/and ancient) Pagan goddess, and as one of the loa in Voudun. I’m often rather skeptical of the idea of Brigid as a “universal Celtic goddess” and was happy to see Weber offer various points of view on her history…If you’re a fan of Brigid this is the book you’ve been waiting for. It’s factual, practical, and spiritual. There’s some great re-tellings of classic myths, and new avenues for magical exploration. I’m still kind of in shock I liked it as much as I did!


Thank you, Jason!!!

TEOTIHUACAN, MEXICO - MARCH 21:  A man standing on top of the Pyramid of the Sun raises his arms to receive energy from the spring sun March 21, 2003 at the ruins of the pre-Hispanic city of Teotihuacan, Mexico. Thousands of Mexicans flock to the ancient pyramids near Mexico City every year on the spring equinox to welcome the arrival of spring and to absorb what many people believe to be the special energy of the site.  (Photo by Susana Gonzalez/Getty Images)

Finally, I was one of ten millennials to write about the future of their various faiths for the Huffington Post!

A snippet: We cannot tell the future of Paganism any more that one can tell the future of a small child. Traces of that child’s future may be evident through their budding personality and family resources, but the world has a lot of things it will eventually offer the child–both beautiful and harmful. Paganism is much the same. We’re young and we’re still growing. Our future will be determined by those who practice and pray, invest their time and resources, search their souls and work with others–both in Paganism and in other faiths.

Full text, here!  

Thank you for reading!!!