In my (mostly) nightly meditations, I pull a card to reflect upon. Sometimes more than one. Earlier this week, I used Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding.


I pulled this card the other day in my own reading. “Winter’s Bite.” Awesome. The “She Who Strives Too Hard When Nothing Is To Be Done.” Is that the workaholic-extraordinare’s card or what? I think so. I get that one all the time and it never fails to piss me off.

I learned a tactic in a class taught by Caitlin Matthews when I attend the Readers Studio in April: ‘Where are the cards looking?’ I used this exercise and asked myself, “What is the panicked little figure looking at?”


The first thing the little tree-person is facing is Warrior Five–Action Frustrated. What is it I’m trying so hard to bust past? Now that I’m looking at this, I see a flyer from my activist endeavors is poised to the right of the reading. Sometimes it’s good to pay attention to things in the reading that aren’t necessarily the cards. Synchronicity, perhaps? I didn’t notice that at the time. Maybe we haven’t banned fracking yet, or opened a wind farm–yet. Does that frustrate me? Yes. Maybe more than I even let on.

Past the Action Frustrated card is The Lovers and a Warrior Seven–A Hero’s Challenge. While my plans may be slow and stifled for now, there is blessed reward at the end of it. I love what I do and will be even more in love with the result. But the work is far from over.

So, now what? I’m stuck in Winter’s Bite & Action Frustrated Land. What could help me out of this jam?

Above my head is the card: Born of Joy. If I can’t actualize all of my plans right now, at least I can work on them in joy. What would make me happy, right now? Re-watching Orange is the New Black before the new season? Cross stitch? Writing a blog? (I chose all of the above, FYI!)

Question for you! When you see this reading, what do you think?