I can’t attend my Coven’s Lughnasadh celebration this year. Here is what I said on the RSVP:

I’m not attending this, as I’ll be at a faith-leaders’ conference in Albany! Representing, kittenz! I am, however, donating pool noodles for jousting. May the odds be seriously in your favor, Bitches.

I love that my faith includes Sacred Pool Noodle Jousting on the High Holy Holiday of Ritual Games and Sacrifice. Must make a note to discuss in some Deepening Conversation group that weekend.

I can feel your opinions, hunniez! Here’s what they sound like:

1.) Awesome! What a great time! Why in the world would you miss that?

2.) That response is exactly why people don’t take Pagans seriously, Courtney.

3.) You live in Manhattan. Why do you have pool noodles?



My answers:
1.) Right????

2.) Right????

3.) Right???? (That last one is a Craft secret. Can’t tell you.)