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Q: How is the rest of my school year looking?
A: The Empress

3You’ve got this. The Empress always has this. You’re clearly working very hard and it’s going to impress a lot of folks. The Empress has the skill but also the leadership which makes me wonder if you’re working in a collaborative context. You may need to supply direction and guidance to others, but you will ultimately excel at it. Keep at what you’re doing because you’re doing it right!



Q: Will I see some respite from the craziness in the next couple of weeks? A: 10 of Swords, Reversed

10SwordsRev Well…despite my Tarot Reader tendency to be an occasional meanie (only when the meanness is warranted because it’s true and necessary….) I don’t like to be the bearer of Suck News, but unfortunately your Crazy Season is not yet over. The 10 of Swords is a frustrating card, but it means the worst is over. When it’s in reverse, however, the worst my not be quite yet to come, but there is still some crazy to combat. Deep breaths, my friend. Breathe, breathe, breathe…..


Q: Should I ask for help or do it on my own?
The Magician Reversed

Magician RevThe Magician is a person who is all like, ‘CHILL THE F*CK OUT! I GOT THIS!’ Now, when the Magician is in Reverse, try as they may, the Magician hasn’t quite got it this time. I don’t know the whole nature of the situation, but you’re probably going to need to ask for some assistance. The Magician is also about communication, so you’ll probably need to articulate exactly what you need help with, and where you’d prefer to be left alone, if not wholly alone!