Myy office mate and I play Scrabble on work breaks. You can’t get lost in scrolling on Scrabble like you can on the Twitter and FB.

Sometimes I get concerned when I see what our psyches and the synchronicity of Scrabble letters put together.

This is today:


I used a blank space for an “S.”

Does anyone else think that Scrabble is telling us we’re paving a path to hell? Maybe for wearing a skirt that fell out of fashion 3+ years ago (probably?). I don’t know.

I’m not concerned that Scrabble is telling us to go to Hell. That’s not a problem. But Scrabble telling me we’re passé is disconcerting. In thought? Dress? Philosophy? Is Scrabble saying I’m one step behind on a book idea again?

Yeah…no, I’m not even concerned.

Scrabble, feck off.

Did I mention I’m giving up coffee for Lughnasadh?