Tarot Tuesday has returned!!!!!

Each week, I pull single cards for a few random questions at a random point during the day. You have to answer fast when you see me post if you want to get your question answered! Follow me on Twitter or Friend me on FaceBook to play!

Question 1: What direction should I take my business in?

Answer 1: Page of Wands

page_of_wands Enough said.

But just in case you weren’t thinking of pole dancing as an option, here’s what the Page of Wands has to ask you: What are you good at? What skills have you honed? When George and I took this shot, it was 4:00 p.m. on a Monday in an empty strip club on 10th Avenue. The dancers took the quiet opportunity to practice their very difficult skills. I sure could not do what you see the Page of Wands is doing on the left–but she can because she’s been working on it long enough. Is there something you’ve been working on quietly that now needs the time to shine? Your business needs you to whip the curtain back and show it off.

Or take up stripping.

Good luck!


Question 2: Need some creative mojo, where do I find it?

Answer 2: Ace of Swords.

Ace_of_Swords_op_640x1081Ace of Swords is done with games. It’s done with searching. Ace of Swords is telling you that the answer is right up in your face and if it’s not obvious, it’s time to just start working, even if you don’t know what you’re working on. Here, I’m about to repeat some cliche adage from some philosopher/artist…can’t remember which one….the Muse won’t show up while you’re waiting on her. Sometimes she shows up when you’re busy doing something else. Work on something even though you’re not particularly inspired and maybe it’ll force the Muse out of hiding. Maybe it’ll make her jealous. Or maybe scare her out of hiding with your sharp, pointed determination. It always worked for me!


Question 3: Will I get to go to Singapore again?

Answer 3: Queen of Coins

Queen Coins The Queen of Coins gets whatever she wants. If you want to go back to Singapore, the answer is yes–it will happen again. Here’s the thing, though…the Queen of Coins is all about being practical and having plenty of money. She doesn’t do things spontaneously and she doesn’t do them without the proper resources. If you want to get back to Singapore, have confidence that the Queen of Coins is working through you but also keep in mind that it won’t happen from a winning lottery ticket, but from a solid savings plan. It certainly looks possible, though!


That’s it for this week!
If you didn’t get your question answered, don’t forget to check out my readings! Also, if you liked the deck I used, it’s Tarot of the Boroughs which I produced with my friend George and you can pick it up at tarotoftheboroughs.com. If you’re in NYC, I’m also teaching a Tarot Class this spring and oh! Did I mention my Magickal Ireland Tour? Okay, enough sales pitches. 🙂 Enjoy your Tuesday and I’ll see you next week!