It’s the Strawberry Full Moon!

The Full Moon in June is labeled this way because in this part of the world (North

The world would be perfect if the June Full Moon really looked like this...

The world would be perfect if the June Full Moon really looked like this…

America), the strawberries are finally ripe! It’s true–last Saturday at our Farmer’s Market, the beautiful red berries made a cameo. Unfortunately, Boyfriend and I got there too late to snag any…so here’s to us getting up early this weekend!

In the meantime…
I’m using this Mercury Retrograde to finish up projects that need completion. I started writing the second part to my online Spellcraft class several months ago and am determined to finish it before the end of the Retrograde!

Here’s a sneak peek into the next installment…and what I had to say about the Strawberry Full Moon!

June: Strawberry Moon
Named for the Moon happening when the strawberries (outside of the greenhouse!) are full and plentiful. It’s a Moon of delight, but because the strawberry season is so short, this Moon is very much about living in the present and enjoying a sense of decadence. This is the Moon of pleasure and also an extra-Magickal time (think Midsummer Night’s Dream and the Fairies dancing about!). Harnessing the power of the Strawberry Moon embraces a sense of enchantment. Charging oils or sages with the power of the Strawberry Moon can bring an extra sense of Magick to the workings you do through the year. Any amulets meant for joy do very well by the Magick of this Moon.
(c) Courtney Weber, 2014. Bitches.

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