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Question 1: Will I get financial aid?

Answer 1: 9 of Pentacles


A woman surrounded by cash. Yeah, I think you’ll get financial aid.  🙂

Question 2: What will my next job be?

Answer 2: Four of Swords

Coffin….death….maybe a mortician? Actually, I think this card is less a “what” and more a “how.” Look at this guy resting and meditating. What can you dream into being? Sitting with the desire and allowing it to take shape in your mind and heart will provide the answer you are looking for.

Question 3: Will I find a job soon?

Answer 3: 9 of Wands


9 of Wands suggests a period of considerable frustration. Just look at that guy’s furrowed brow. The good news is that he’s not a hopeless case and neither is your job search. What 9 of Wands *does* suggest is possibly shaking up your approach or even looking into a different type of job than what you’ve previously been pursuing. Boyfriend in the card is looking off at the other wands suspiciously–he doesn’t want to give up the comfort zone of the wand he does have. However, if he did loosen his grasp and literally try his hand at a different wand, he might have better luck. Try places not yet tapped, even be willing to do something completely new to you. It may be the old path has dried up in opportunity, but there are other paths out there.

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