Ah…when the scrappy little up-starts get a mention by the big dudes!

In 2010 the deck I produced and designed, Tarot of the Boroughs: a modern Tarot deck based in New York City featuring original photography by George Courtney, was released!

Today, it received a mention in The Smithsonian magazine as part of a reflection on James Leonard’s new creation:

James Leonard

James Leonard’s interactive installation using three different Tarot decks. Photo courtesy of the Smithsonian.

James Leonard (artist, Magick worker, and diviner) created this beautiful installation which uses divination to help people cope with climate change. Upon entering this womb-like structure, they are given the opportunity to ask questions such as, “Will my favorite lake still be there in 50 years?” “Will I be able to buy avocados at the grocery store when I’m 70?”

A quote from the article:

“On the surface, such small actions may seem futile, bordering on frivolous. But Leonard’s perception is correct: Psychologists have almost no evidence that data changes people’s decision-making, as I learned in research for a 2012 TEDx talk on psychological barriers to environmental engagement. Science is not our only conduit to understanding.” ~Simran Sethi

The full article can be found, here: Can the Art of Divination Help People Cope with Climate Anxiety?

And Tarot of the Boroughs (plug plug) can be found, here! 

The 2 of Cups from Tarot of the Boroughs

The 2 of Cups from Tarot of the Boroughs