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The warm, Magickal days of summer mark the beginning of the season of destruction.

Wait. What???

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, Summer Solstice is just a few short weeks away which means we are entering the shadow part of the year. After Summer Solstice, the days grow shorter until the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice, when the days will begin to grow longer again.

Despite its carefree reputation, Summer Solstice marks the beginning of the half of the year when the trees will shed their leaves and things will essentially “die.” Hence, the season of destruction!

As Witches, knowing our potential to both create and destroy leads us to powerful Magick.

However, knowing one’s potential to destroy (or disrupt, or dismantle, or pick your descriptor!) can be uncomfortable.

It’s often rooted in painful memories: whether something we did, something that happened to us, or otherwise. Often, these memories are relegated to what Witches call “The Shadow”: defined here as the parts of ourselves that aren’t shared with the outside world often…if ever!

This can be a good thing. In my experience, many of my painful experiences are rooted in my being severely bullied for most of my childhood. If I were to put that experience on display at every moment of my life, I wouldn’t function well in any work situation and would be a total downer at dinner parties. I don’t hide this part of myself, but I don’t carry it around publicly all of the time, either.

Other things that might rest in our Shadow are parts of ourselves we don’t like as much. They also might be things we prefer to keep private for our own reasons.

When it’s time to make Magick, however, the Shadow can be incredibly helpful.

This week’s Tarot exercise explores how elements in our personal Shadows create powerful Magick.

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When loss happens, we may wonder many things:

 – If we’re Witches, why couldn’t we prevent this loss?
 – Are there any spells for closure?
 – Grief can make us feel less Magickal…does that make us “bad Witches”? 

Grief changes us. Magick changes us. Because grief changes us, grief is its own Magick. 

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From Past Pain To Major Magick: A Shadow Work Tarot Exercise

This is a three card exercise, with all three cards pulled at random:

1.) The Shadow Card: Something about yourself that you’re uncomfortable with
This can include a habit, reactive behavior, a past action you regret, something you are insecure about or don’t particularly like about yourself. Note: This is not meant to tell you about something “should” feel uncomfortable with (NOT creating shame, here), but to represent something you already have some discomfort about.

2.) The Daylight Card: Something about yourself that you’re comfortable with
A character trait you are proud to embody, a quirk you find endearing, or something you simply like about yourself. Be bold, here and brag a bit! No need to defend or quality!!!

3.) The Magick Card: What kind of Magick you can make
Love it, hate it, or something else all together—this card represents the kind of Magick you can make, fueled by both the things you love and don’t love about yourself.

Here is my reading:

1.) My Shadow Card: 9 of Pentacles, Rev.
Upright, the 9 of Pentacles represents comfort and ease. I do struggle with some social anxiety and in public can be a little awkward. While I’m not ashamed of being a little awkward, it’s not my favorite personal trait of mine.

2.) My Light Card: The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man is a card of self-sacrifice and yes! I’m not afraid of putting all of myself into a project or cause (for better or worse!). While it would do me good to build some better limits for myself, I am quite comfortable going all-in and I like that about myself.

3.) My Magick Card: Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords is about swift change, cutting, and clearing. In Magick, this can translate to banishing work, spells to bring about truth, or a good justice spell to bring necessary change. My Shadow Card says that me being uncomfortable in a lot of situations means I’m not afraid of uncomfortable situations—I don’t fear shaking things up, even if it makes others uncomfortable. The Light Card being the Hanged Man says I’m perfectly willing to dive right in to a tough scenario…even if it means offering a tough sacrifice to make the Magick happen!

Yay me!

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