bloodmoon1Last night, our world was blessed with the natural phenomenon of a “Blood Moon,” the Full Lunar Eclipse that takes place when the sun, the Earth, and the Moon line up for a brief bit. To me, it seems fitting for the Moon to glow red right now. We’re in Aries, the Cardinal Fire Sign. Mars is in Retrograde, which means it looks as though it’s moving away from the Earth and with it, old arguments are coming to life (HELLO RUSSIA AND USA!!! Return to the 50’s, huh?) and secret enemies are coming out of hiding. I pulled a card to tell us more about what the Blood Moon could mean for us right now.

So perfect. Look at this:

5wandsYeah. That’s about the size of it.

5 of Wands is a tough card. It shakes all the skeletons out of the closet and beats normally easy-going people upside their heads with dusty femurs and ancient vertebrae. What have we tried to hide? Try no more. What have we meant to ignore? Good luck with that. People are irritable and angsty. At the store where I work, a young woman came in today to purchase a red candle “for protection against the Blood Moon.” It seems as though many just want to hide out.

But if we do, we lose the blessings of a tough time.

Lesson of the Blood Moon: Peace is not built with Passivity or Avoidance. Peace is Achieved through Communication and Compromise.

For this Blood Moon, I’m meditating on the roots of what irks me. How deep do irritating roots go, and what’s really feeding them? How can I express my needs in a constructive manner, while at the same time being willing to listen when others have needs from me? What are my boundaries? What are I through tolerating?

Avoiding issues, consistently relying on “Letting Go…Letting Flow…” isn’t really helpful when the winds of the Universe blow right back what you thought you “Let Go.”

Maybe it’s not always good to let it go. Maybe the more constructive choice is to “Work Through It.” The Blood Moon can show us what is rubbing our roots the wrong way and feeds social fabric with the right kind of energy to address them. It may feel like sandpaper on the soul, but only in that way can we wear away to make ourselves smooth as glass once more
Thanks so much, 5 of Wands! And the Bloody Blood Moon!

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8CupsQ1: How is my legal case progressing?
A1: 8 of
Slowly. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it is progressing. The 8 of Cups is about a long and slow journey. The image of the person stealing away in the night may seem sad and lonely, but the card also depicts a peaceful journey. No drooling, snarling monsters await the journeyperson, and the Moon up above signifies being watched-over. Although the case may seem like it’s stumbling along in the dark, it has not been forgotten. It might be worth meditating on this Blood Moon and channeling its power into your case.

3CupsQ2: Wondering whether it would be a good venture to apply to graduate school (for counseling and art therapy)
A2: 3 of
First answer–YES, definitely good venture. At least so far as if good=joyous. If you’re looking to make money and piles of it, 3 of Cups doesn’t promise gold, but it does promise laughter and happiness. So, if you’re looking for more of an internal, personal reward in your venture–this would be the venture for you. If you are looking for more of a financially secure venture, you might want to take a second look.

5SwordsQ3: What will happen with my dad’s care in this whole mess?
A3: 5 of Swords

Uck. “Whole mess” is right. 5 of Swords is all about clean-up after a battle. The benefit is that it means the battle is over, or at least, is close enough to completion where you can breathe deeply. Keep an eye on the details. The downside of 5 of Swords is that things get tossed aside toward the end. Good intentions are forgotten. Fragile items carelessly dropped. Again, keep an eye on the small things so that nothing gets forgotten.

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