I love the Knights. They are some of the most clear-cut cards in the Tarot. If you consult the Tarot with the question: “Is (THIS THING) going to happen to me?” the Knights say, “Yes, and it’s already in the works.” What’s interesting to me about the Knights is that they each have a unique delivery method, which I hope to share through these blog posts. The Knight’s unique delivery method is what’s key to understanding the reading in which they appear.

Today, let’s discuss the Knight of Swords! 



If you receive the Knight of Swords, change is coming and it’s coming quickly. If it’s the change you want, that’s good news. Be prepared for it to be somewhat jarring. Seriously. The Spirits just handed you a card with a screaming dude on a galloping-flying horse to let you know the shape of the change to come. HE HAS A SWORD OVER HIS HEAD. HE’S GOING TO CHOP YOUR REALITY TO PIECES. Maybe that’s exactly what you need, but expect that it’s going to strike at you with a steel sword and not blankets and kisses.

What is he striking at? 

Draw another card or look at where he landed in a reading. In this two-card reading, the Knight looks like he’s about to hack the head off the unsuspecting guy in the 2 of Wands. This reading might be saying, “Put down your globe and pay attention to what might be coming up behind you.” I often see the 2 of Wands as the Renaissance version of crossing the street while staring at your phone. (If the phone holds the World Wide Web in our hands, the antiquated version would be the guy staring at a globe.)

IMG_4391 (1)


The position of the Knight of Swords is something to keep in mind. Last week, a Tarot student (who is also a playwright) suggested that the Knight of Swords coming in from the right suggests an “uh-oh” moment. He said that often Western playwrights or theater directors will purposefully have characters enter from the audience’s right as it triggers something in Western brains that something is wrong. Because Westerners read from left-to-right, seeing action from right-to-left unconsciously signals to us that something is “off.” I loved that and will be using it in my further readings.

Potential meanings for the Knight of Swords

In love: New love may sweep in quickly and surprisingly. Don’t expect it to stay around long as the Knight of Swords is a fast mover. Anything is possible and the Knight can always decide to get off his/her horse and settle down, but the Knight of Swords rarely heralds a Knight who is ready to hang up their helm and snuggle with you by the fire. In an established relationship, it can mean a fight is coming, but it usually heralds one that will resolve itself pretty quickly, even if there are more tears than usual in the middle of it.

In work: New opportunities and new competition are coming. If you get this card in a work reading, it’s time to sharpen your product (and possibly your resume, too).

In health: The Knight of Swords encourages action: whether it’s time to go to a doctor to investigate lingering symptoms or it’s time to get on the elliptical and get your sluggish heart rate going, the Knight of Swords says the time for “waiting for a better time” or waiting for things to go away has passed. If this is in regards to a chronic health for which you’re already receiving treatment, the Knight of Swords may mean a sudden burst of energy. Seize the moment to get some productive things done while the ick is in remission, but be careful not to over-do it. The Knight of Swords isn’t great about preventing burnout.

As a card of the day: The Knight of Swords says, “Go for it,” today. Whatever “it” is, just race for it and ride it like a maniacal horse.

If you’ve stumbled across this page looking for clues to a confusing reading, I hope this has helped! To you and everyone else, have a blessed day and may the Knight of Swords carry you to beautiful, exciting things!