Part 1: The Knight of Swords

The next card in the 4-part series on the four Horsepersons of the Tarot is the Knight of Wands.

Knight of Wands


I personally like the Knight of Wands. They look as though they’re coming to rescue or warn but not necessarily chop the head off someone else, like the Knight of Swords sometimes suggests. Maybe they represent an opportunity–someone passing a torch to you. Maybe they’re coming to give you a ride. It looks like there is a bit of room on the back of the horse. In the image above, the Knight of Wands is no stranger to conflict. The garment looks ragged. Their face looks a bit tired or even shocked. The armor is still pretty shiny, but maybe they polished it well before riding into the reading. Like the Knight of Swords, their horse is in motion. Unlike the Knight of Swords whose horse is still charging at full speed, the Knight of Wands is rearing the horse back, possibly slowing it down.

The Knight of Wands urges a more calculated energy than the Knight of Swords. It calls for action, but with more focus and direction than “JUST DO IT NOW.” As in the exercise in the Knight of Swords blog, make sure to look and see what the Knight of Wands is run into in your readings. Likewise, also take time to see what they are running from: 


Knight of Wands and 8 of Swords: Is the Knight trying to find help? Or is the Knight thinking, “Shit, lady. Too much for me. You’re on your own….”

Is the Knight running away? Or is the Knight trying to find a solution to the bound-up person’s problem? If it isn’t obvious, pull another card and place it to the left of the Knight. Where the Knight is running may help us determine why they’re running:


The Knight is running straight for the lady with the money.

Now that we know where the Knight is running, why do we think the Knight is running? Someone behind them is in a terrible situation. They are running to someone else, the Queen of Pentacles, who has lots of resources. My interpretation of these cards is that the Queen of Pentacles has the potential to help out the person bound in the 8 of Swords. However, the Queen is very focused on the coin in her lap and may not be aware of the trouble the other person is in. The Knight of Wands is about to alert her to the problem. This feels to me like a situation in which a lobbyist is trying to warn a Congressperson about a problem in a community. The Knight of Wands could also be a scientist warning someone in business that their practices are negatively affecting the environment. On a less gallant note, the Knight of Wands could be just fed-up with the victimhood in the 8 of Swords and is seeking company with someone who creates less drama for themselves.

Just a few thoughts…what do you think? 

Potential meanings for the Knight of Swords

In love: The wands in general have a strong focus on sexuality. A Knight of Wands could mean a quick, delicious roll in the sheets with a new or recurring lover. It can mean the igniting of chemistry. A good friend of mine said you can fake lots of things in a relationship, but you can’t fake chemistry. In an established relationship, it may mean a rekindling or deepening of intimacy.

In work: Something exciting is coming your way–perhaps the kind of opportunity you’ve been hoping for. It will come and go quickly, so don’t wait around too long to decide on whether to take it. Like the Knight of Swords, the Knight of Wands moves fast.

In health: The Knight of Wands heralds good health or an improvement in poor health. It represents energy and vitality so if you’ve been struggling with a chronic illness, the Knight of Wands promises a bit of a respite. The tendency with the Knight of Wands is to over-do things because their presence feels so good, we try to make it last as long as possible. It can be a warning not to use all of your spoons.

As a card of the day: Take a risk. Try something new. Do something fun. One of the keys to the Knight of Wands is that it’s a very fun card. I try to avoid that annoying AF term yolobut it definitely applies, here. Life is short, take advantage of the moment, today. But unlike many of the connotations with yolo, don’t let it be an excuse for doing something you’ll later regret.

Finally, here’s a picture of my cat, Matilda! She’s helping me write this morning. 🙂

And a very fine job she's doing.

And a very fine job she’s doing!