the-sunTo me, receiving the Sun card is always a breath of relief. It means things are going to be okay. It’s a card of hopeful optimism, and childlike exuberance. Twice, I’ve seen it portend the birth of biologically-male babies.

But is there ever a warning that comes along with the Sun card? 

In the Tarot, there are no “bad” cards, or “good” cards. There are some that tend to bring a lot more strife than others (think the 10 of Swords or the Devil), but even those trickier can highlight gifts. Likewise, even the traditionally sweeter cards like the 2 of Cups or the Sun, have their own challenges.

What would happen if you stood outside in the full sun for a full day, with no shade or sunscreen?

Dehydration. Exhaustion. Sunburn. I personally would be a pile of red ashes.

One of the lessons of the Sun card is to say, “Yes! Exuberance! Love! Joy! Wonderment! All the good things!” But it also reminds us that even the best things in life have a recommended dosage. The actual sun may warm us, enable our crops to grow, provide well-needed Vitamin D, but too much exposure to it will hurt you.

It reminds me of a friend who was a regular Burning Man attendee (aka, “A burner”), as well as a frequent attendee of smaller, regional Burning Man-esque festivals. There was lots of dancing. There was lots of love in his life–romantic, sexual, platonic, or a big ol’ crazy mix. There was also a lot of MDMA (Molly or Ecstasy). He came to me feeling “out of things.” He didn’t feel like his body belonged to him anymore. It didn’t make sense to him. He was so loved! He was having so much fun! His life was packed with love for others, and others offered him love over and over. So how could he be in such a state?

He was experiencing a metaphorical moment of being in the sun too long, and getting burned. (No pun intended with the burn thing)

Left, Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decout. Right, Tarot of the Boroughs (!!!). Photo courtesy of Divine Whispers.Net

Left, Sun and Moon Tarot by Vanessa Decout. Right, Tarot of the Boroughs (!!!). Photo courtesy of

The Sun card reminds us to enjoy things, but with limits and boundaries. We need to take breaks even from the things we cherish the most. Brie cheese and red wine are two of my most cherished indulgences, and when I have them I love them with all the power of the Sun card, but if that was all I ever ate and drank, my health wouldn’t be great. I can enjoy the hell out of them sometimes, so long as I balance those moments with kale, water, and whole grains. 

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