Book reportBook report time!

Reading makes me want to write. I once had a teacher who said that as a writer, if you had to choose between reading and writing, choose reading. It makes you better. Read lots of things–it’s good for your writing voice to have wide variety of things on your shelf. I tend to make my mix of terribly old, dry, and boring occult texts with writers from the Jenny Lawson school of crazy. I don’t know if it keeps my voice interesting, but it definitely keeps my world that way. I’ve worked to mix that up even a little more this month with some self-help and some funky fiction.

Still, for being a writer, I sure ought to be reading a lot more than I do. I generally read on the subway as evenings are usually wrapped up in gym, reading for clients, and passing out on the IKEA couch. I’m trying to squeeze in a few minutes of page-turning before the Busy-Busy-Witch fatigue sets in each night. When those blessed moments happen, here’s what I’ve been reading:

Things I’ve Read, Recently:

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch 
Since the age of 13, I’ve been on some sort of a diet. The irony is that I weigh exactly what I did when I started dieting at 13. I developed faster than the other girls so while I’m pretty normal for being almost 34, I was enormous compared to my peers and was constantly teased for my weight. So, yesh…that’s about 21 years of being on a different diet nearly every day. From only eating bread and fruit, to only eating chicken and lettuce, to only drinking lemon juice with cayenne pepper and maple syrup in it to different forms of orthorexia, even recently I was in a weird place with food where I would never order cheese on a sandwich (because that would be fattening….), but I’d eat a whole plate of brie at a cocktail party (because it’s a party…it’s okay???). I’d avoid fruit (simple carbs and pesticides), but make a meal out of chocolate (if you make it a meal, it’s not bad for you). So, I was always kind of hungry, never really full, and completely out of touch with what food actually was supposed to taste like and feel when it’s been nurturing and wonderful.

This book was very helpful for me as it focuses on getting back in touch with actual food needs. Food does taste better when you stop applying strange, non-cohesive dieting rules and actually eat what you are craving. When I’m not calorie-counting, I’m actually satisfied with less food. And you know what? I don’t like Hershey’s chocolate! I thought I was hooked, but now I don’t want it. Odd, right?

Although I got a bit tired of hearing different versions of very similar success stories, I was very happy to read that this program had worked for so many people and so far, it seems to be working for me, too! Here’s to actually friggin’ enjoying food, again!

Krampus the Yule Lord

Krampus the Yule Lord

Krampus the Yule Lord by Brom 
This is hard for me to say…as a writer, it’s not something I ever want to read about my work: I really, really wanted to like this book but never did. It’s a fantastic premise–weaving Nordic lore with West Virginia noire. For those who love the character Krampus as much as me and mine do, it’s definitely worth the price of Amazon prime. I just didn’t jell with Brom’s writing. Maybe he was too noire-y for me? Maybe I just couldn’t get into the main story? It’s not you, Brom, it’s me. I think I just need to work on myself right now….whatever I can say to not make me sound like an ass. I used to be so much meaner before I started writing. Now the idea of criticizing another person’s earnest work feels like I’m being a clubbing-baby-seal-level kind of jerk.

Anyway, YOU ALL should totally read Brom’s book because Krampus is awesome and so is Brom. Lots of people thought so. It’s not his fault I couldn’t get into it.

What I’m Reading, Now!

DeliveranceDeliverance! by Khi Armand
I’m only a couple of chapters into it and already I LOVE IT!!!! I’m not only saying that because Khi is my friend. It’s beautifully written, informative, and honest. I’m thinking of making my whole Coven read it. (Get ready, Kittenz….)




Things I like:

This meme! I found it on FB today and I’m in love.

Another cool thing I found!

Cool thing I found! Cool thing I found!