The desire for closure is a main reason people book Tarot clients readings with me. “Why did they leave?” “Why did they die?” “Will I ever get answers?” and the more direct: “Will I ever get closure?”

The closure question makes me cringe, but I also deeply empathize with it.

I’ve asked that same question many times myself—of other readers and of my own tired Tarot deck. My own need for closure has kept me up many, many nights. Wanting closure is yet one more thing that makes us human.

Human beings crave answers.

We’ve created whole religions and ideologies around finding answers to such nebulous questions. Some might even argue that we have invented whole pantheons simply to answer the wrenching question: “Why did it happen?”

When we lose, we want it to mean something.

If you’re looking for your own closure, the Tarot exercise below may help.

But first:

They’re here!

My author copies of Sacred Tears: A Witch’s Guide To Griefhave arrived. It’s real, the books are out in the world. You can see the unboxing, here!

Closure isn’t found. It’s created.

If you find yourself seeking closure, this Tarot exercise may provide some insight.

1.) The source of the loss

2.) The current state of the situation

3.) The closure you want

4.) The closure you currently have

5.) The closure which would help you the most

6.) How to create that closure

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